Brand Strategy and Positioning

Merriam Associates helps you lay the foundation for a great brand by defining and articulating your brand strategy. Great brands have a clear and specific customer-focused reason for being.

Brand strategy is articulated in brand attributes, personality, positioning, messaging and the relationships within the corporate brand portfolio (often called brand architecture). Effective strategies center on the needs and wants of the customer, going beyond product features and benefits to address why the brand is unique, and how it fits in the life of the customer or consumer. Our work usually begins with a research phase to develop a thorough understanding of your market, competitors, and customer wants, needs and motivations.

We then develop a fully articulated brand strategy including:

Attributes: The descriptive words that define your brand.
Personality: The character traits of the brand and the organization behind it.
Positioning: The unifying and overarching idea in the minds of your audiences that defines your brand and differentiates it relative to other competitors. It is a description of the strategic intent, style, personality and competencies of your brand.
Messaging: The key words, phrases and expressions that verbally convey the meaning of your brand.

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