Adrian Peterson and Vikings Brand: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Brand sponsorship requires a rush to judgement. Though Adrian Peterson has not been found guilty of a crime, brands can’t afford to serve as a backdrop to the drama of indictments and investigations. Radisson’s brand did literally serve as a backdrop to yesterday’s press conference by Vikings general manger Rick Spielman as he discussed child [...]

Burger King Brand Damage--Does Being "Foreign" Hurt?

The “King” has a new country. Burger King becoming a Canadian brand has some people up in arms, screeching about lack of patriotism and even calling for a boycott. (Oddly, the same people complaining about Burger King benefiting from “tax inversion” and questioning its patriotism are totally fine with Google’s elaborate Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich, [...]

Too Much Spoils the Brand: Google Over-Doodles the World Cup

Google Doodles have become part of the Google brand. BBC News Magazine interviewed me about how whimsically changing the Google logo defied standard “brand police” rules about brand consistency.

During the World Cup, it seemed Google had a new Doodle every day. While some change works for Google, too much defeats the purpose. A new Google [...]

Congratulations to BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series by Navy SEALS

Working with start-ups is a special joy. Client BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series held their inaugural event May 31 – June 1 at the Atlanta International Horse Park. It was run with the precision and integrity you would expect from Navy SEALs who started the BattleFrog and who designed and built the course.

Hobie Call, one [...]

Recalls Toyota Brand vs GM Brand: GM Smashes Its U.S. Recall Record and the Idea of a "New GM"

Yesterday, GM announced yet more recalls that brought the total number of vehicle call-backs to an all-time record. The damage to an already hurting brand–see “Switchgate”–is incalculable. The idea of a “new GM” is taking a beating.

Toyota suffered similar negative press several years ago, but the strength of its brand, built over decades, helped it [...]

Bush or Clinton--Which Tarnished Old Brand Will Win?

Jonah Goldberg has an excellent analysis of political brands in “Jeb, Hillary and the curse of tarnished political brands” published in the Los Angeles Times.

It will be interesting to see which old brand from decades past people will choose–or if they will opt for one that is totally new.





Sports Hangover: Talking Richard Sherman's Brand on NCB Sports

I was interviewed by NBC Sports about Richard Sherman’s brand value post tirade. Did Sherman destroy his brand with his boorish rant or did he turn golden? Opinion is evenly split between those who decry his poor sportsmanship and those who think his antics brought him the notoriety necessary to attract sponsorship dollars.

Sherman’s salary is [...] Addressing The Demographic Challenge Of Knowledge Management

Working with Everbrand, we helped rebrand a revolutionary technology for managing corporate knowledge: Auros.

Writing with Jeff Moffa, Vice President for Knowledge Systems at Auros, we wrote this article for What happens when your company experts retire or move to another company, taking your corporate knowledge with them?




Redskins Football Team Name Is about Honor, Not Racism

Why is the name of the Redskins football team suddenly a huge controversy? If it is racist, why wasn’t there a huge outcry back in the 1960s? Why has it taken decades for the eternal victim class to make this an issue in 2013? Truly, this is another example of people with nothing better to [...]

Volt Beats Edsel as World-Class Failure

GM’s Volt is the new Edsel, selling far few cars than that famous bomb did in the 1950′s and 1960′s. In fact, compared to the Volt, the Edsel was a blockbuster.


sold in three years

sold in three years

Ford sold 116,000 Edsels between 1958 and 1960. GM sold 7,671 Volts in 2011 and 23,461 in [...]