On Forbes.com Today: The Al Qaeda Brand Died Last Week

Please visit Forbes.com for our article on the demise of the Al Qaeda brand following last week’s drone attack on Al Qaeda’s most visible marketing executive and Inspire magazine publisher/editor.

UPDATE:  Found on Jihad Jihad Watch. Seems bin Laden himself was worried about his brand. In documents recovered by the SEALs, he wrote that he was [...]

Lady Gaga Sues Excite World Over Billion Dollar Brand Name

Lady Gaga has a valuable brand–and she is smart to be as aggressive protecting it as she has been building it. Estimates put the value of the brand at nearly $1 billion, including recording sales, concerts, clothing, fragrances, and more.  She now rakes in over $90 million a year and hasn’t even begun to exploit [...]

The Al Qaeda Brand Ten Years Later

Most people don’t think of Al Qaeda and marketing in the same sentence. But marketing is important to Al Qaeda and so is the strength of its brand. It is the key to raising money, recruiting jihadis and motivating them to attack.

The Al Qaeda flag features the Shahadah, the Muslim declaration of belief “There [...]

Justin Bieber in Brand Endorsement Trouble?

Justin Bieber has become the latest celebrity brand spokesman to find himself in brand trouble. Advertising Age wrings its hands at the damage his prank could do to his power as a celebrity endorser for brands such as Best Buy, Proactiv, and Google Chrome.

We’ve covered celebrity brand woes and the impact of personal scandals on [...]

Old Spice in a Win-Win Duel Between Mustafa and Fabio

When Old Spice announced that Fabio would be replacing Mustafa, the outcry was instantaneous. Was Old Spice going to end up like The Gap and quickly backtrack when customers on social media screamed loudly enough?









Not so fast. It was a set up from the beginning—a set up perfect for generating buzz and involving fans. Fabio [...]

News Corp. Brand Will Survive News of the World's Demise

Will the News of the World fiasco hurt the News Corp. brand? I doubt it, for the same reasons that brands like Martha Stewart and Michael Vick have bounced back.

While the hacking has slowed down the business side of News Corp., most notably in its bid for BSkyB, and criminal charges for top execs [...]

Nike Endorsement Deal Signals Michael Vick Brand Comeback

Back in January, 2011, when Michael Vick signed his first endorsement deal with a local NJ Nissan dealer, we predicted the Michael Vick brand would come back as strong as the player himself. Today, Nike announced they have re-signed Vick to a multi-year contract.

To recap why the Michael Vick brand bounced back:

1) His crime had [...]

Osama bin Laden Brand Lives and Profits

Osama bin Laden may be dead, but his brand is not. USA Today is reporting the Osama bin Laden brand is suddenly doing a booming business.  From bumper stickers and ties to coffee mugs and t-shirts (you can even outfit your dog), the merchandising of bin Laden has begun.

Celebrity branding is a big business.  Industry [...]

American Express Open Article on Personal Branding

The American Express Open Forum publishes advice articles for small business leaders. Today’s featured article, which quotes Merriam Associates, is about personal branding–how you can create a recognizable persona for yourself and your company. A personal brand has always been helpful for advertising, recognition, and networking. The growth of social media makes thinking deliberately about [...]

Sarah Palin a Registered Trademark?

We’ve covered political brands and the subject of brands who are people or with value closely tied to a real person, but today, the web site Mediaite has broken the story of the trademarking of the name Sarah Palin. Pretty soon, that “R” next to her name won’t mean “Republican,” but “Registered Trademark.”

It’s not unusual [...]