Samsung vs. Apple: Hip to Be Square with Round Corners?

The ruling that Samsung stole technology from Apple could devastate the Samsung brand–but it may prove just as destructive to the Apple brand.

Already media wags have been calling the Android phone leader “Samesung.” But Apple could be starting down the path brand ruin. Today Apple has a reputation for being cool and creative, but how [...]

AIG is AIG Again

AIG is returning to its old name, finally correcting a an ill-considered and ineffective name change.

Here’s what we said back in 2009:
“AIG is trying to outrun its old reputation by adopting a new brand. Will it work? Most people aren’t buying it. The entity, formerly known as AIG, is firmly attached to its reputation of [...]

The Toyota Brand Bounces Back

Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood sent Toyota stock into a nosedive two years ago when he told a congressional House Appropriations subcommittee, “My advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it.”

Jay Leno quipped, “Things are not looking good for Toyota. In fact, today, two crash test dummies refused to get in [...]

Greyhound: When Your Brand Is a Symbol of Awfulness

Alec Baldwin has “apologized” for his boorish behavior on a recent American Airlines flight by slamming the airline’s service, claiming: “Filthy planes, barely edible meals,” making “air travel experience as inelegant as possible,” and making “flying a Greyhound bus experience.”

Predictably, a Greyhound representative has fired back: “I don’t know if he’s ever been [...]

The "Occupy" Brand

Been There. Done That. Bought The T Shirt.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has spawned a brand:  the “Occupy” brand. Since the start of demonstrations a month ago, we’ve seen “Occupy Times Square,” “Occupy Atlanta,” and “Occupy San Francisco” spring up.  We also have “” as an unofficial hub for other “Occupy” activities, and “” [...]

David Boorstin on Herman Cain and the 9-9-9 Brand

David Boorstin, a noted expert on brands and society, politics, culture and business, has an interesting take on the rise of Herman Cain and the 9-9-9 brand. We’ve had candidates who have effectively used marketing principles, but this is the first time we have a candidate who is himself a master marketer. Read David’s article [...]

Chinese Brands Going Global, But Not Necessarily American

Milton Kotler, the preeminent marketing pioneer in China, updated me on Chinese brands. They may not be taking over the American market, but they are most definitely growing outside of China.  Here are Milton’s observations:

“Consumer brand management is making headway in the domestic China market and developing countries,even in Europe, with apparel, appliances, computers, white [...]

On Today: The Al Qaeda Brand Died Last Week

Please visit for our article on the demise of the Al Qaeda brand following last week’s drone attack on Al Qaeda’s most visible marketing executive and Inspire magazine publisher/editor.

UPDATE:  Found on Jihad Jihad Watch. Seems bin Laden himself was worried about his brand. In documents recovered by the SEALs, he wrote that he was [...]

Lady Gaga Sues Excite World Over Billion Dollar Brand Name

Lady Gaga has a valuable brand–and she is smart to be as aggressive protecting it as she has been building it. Estimates put the value of the brand at nearly $1 billion, including recording sales, concerts, clothing, fragrances, and more.  She now rakes in over $90 million a year and hasn’t even begun to exploit [...]

Marketing Brands and 9/11

Last May in a Marketing Daily commentary, Beau Fraser commented on the phenomenon on “marketing tragedy,” companies doing a tie-in with natural and man-made disasters. The danger is coming off as self-serving or, as in the case of Kenneth Cole’s tweet about the revolution in Egypt being all about shoes, downright offensive. On a day [...]