The New Logo ALWAYS Sucks: Consumers Hate Change

Okay, the new Gap log did suck.  But EVERY new logo design ALWAYS kicks off a spate of negative logo reviews, and many new logos don’t suck. Crowd sourcers beware: consumers hate change.

Google “New Starbucks” logo, and you’ll see page after page of negative reviews.  Negative response to change has always existed. That social media [...]

Brands: Fight WikiPanic By Being WikiReady

Wikipanic—it’s the new word for the latest marketing threat. What will happen to your brand if Wikileaks attacks it? As Mastercard, Paypal, Visa, and Bank of America are finding out, marketers need to be ready in advance of disaster, whether a plane crash, an oil well explosion or a wikileak/hacktivist attack. Companies can’t risk a [...]

Web Video: How-To Advice

Web pundits are predicting continuing growth in Web video. With that in mind, here is a round-up of advice for producing effective video:

1) Light your shot—dark videos don’t invite eyes
2) Get the best sound you can—your viewers are likely listening through headphones
3) Use a tripod for Pete’s sake!!—You want to make visitors stick, not get [...]

Digital Media Branding Mistakes: Search Result Slip-Ups

A shocking number of companies miss a critical opportunity to communicate in search engine results. What you say in Google, Bing and Yahoo! impacts traffic to your site and your brand image.  Yet, too many companies let programmers write this marketing copy. Here are the five most common search engine results copy writing mistakes:

1) Providing [...]

Proxios Uses Web Video for Customer Testimonials

We covered several weeks ago a comprehensive list of ways to use Web video. One of the easiest and most powerful uses of Web video is the customer testimonial. With more impact than a customer list and more persuasive than a quote, is a short video of your customers talking about your product or service [...]

Crowdsourcing without a Crowd: Levia's Failed Attempt

Levia® launched a crowdsourcing video contest in September with much fanfare only to watch the entire effort fizzle. Called “Lights, Camera, Healing”, the program asked people to create and submit original videos extolling the virtues of the “healing power of light”. The Crowdsourcing idea famously worked for Doritos® in creating memorable (and cheap!) Super Bowl [...]

Is the Press Release Dead?

Yes, sort of. The old-fashioned document you faxed to a bunch of editors and reporters is dead.  The more recent idea of a “social media press release” is also dead—it did more for the PR agency that invented it than it did for people seeking coverage. Yet that doesn’t mean that an evolved press release [...]

Mountain Dew Dewmocracy: 5 Elements of Successful Use of Social Media

“Viral Marketing Can Make Your Brand Sick” was a post here from two years ago. Since that time, marketing executives have learned some key lessons. Take the current Mountain Dew Dewmocracy campaign.  Here are the five key ingredients of its success:

1)    Social Media Needs to Be On Brand:

The campaign fits with the Mountain Dew brand [...]

Uh-Oh--Target Angers Moms with Halloween Ads

Target’s mom-bashing ad makes you wonder: Don’t advertisers test their ads before broadcasting them–even in “broadcasting” is “just” YouTube and in-store media? This ad would never have passed the mom test:

While the outcry hasn’t reached the angry Motrin Mom level, Target has still made a mistake putting down a costume made by Mom to hawk [...]