Web Video: Preparing your Message

Kayla Schwartz, speech and presentation coach, and media trainer, talks about preparing your web video message.

When thinking about the content of your video, it is important to consider goals, the needs and interests of your audience, and your central theme: your main message. All communication has a purpose. In your video, make sure you tell [...]

Web Video: Preparing Your Delivery

Kayla Schwartz, speech and presentation coach, and media trainer, talks about preparing to deliver your web video message.

While your message is the foundation of your communication, how you deliver it impacts its effectiveness. Here are five things to focus on when you deliver your message:
1. Connect with your audience. The person watching your video should [...]

Web Video: Thinking About the Visual Presentation

Kayla Schwartz, Speech and Presentation Coach, and Media Trainer, talks about the importance of what the audience will see in your video.

Your setting matters.  The environment of your talk enhances the message you are conveying. Pick a place that is relevant to your message.

Similarly, the way you look impacts your message.  You want to appear [...]

Ten Ways Web Video Is Different from TV

With the growth of Web video, more and more companies are considering adding video content to their Web sites and using Web video in marketing.  Beware of charging blindly forward without a good understanding of what works on the Web and how Web video is different from video for television.

TV vs. Web: The Differences
1.    Time [...]

Renaming Proxios: CEO Talks About the Process

Fast growing, innovative companies can sometimes outgrow their brands.

“Our name became constraining,” said Frank Butler, CEO of Proxios, a fast-growing company using cloud computing technology to create affordable and reliable alternatives to traditional in-house information technology and phone systems. “Our old name Super-Server did not have broad appeal and it was dated.”

Merriam Associates gave this [...]

Web Video: Six Keys to Writing Scripts for Video

Writing for Web video is not like writing for print. No one sees your words; they are heard, not read. That has important implications for structure, style, word choice and more. Read these key tips for effective Web video copy.

Heavy Equipment Branding

While buying a steam roller is very different from buying a can of soda, brand still matters. We talked to heavy equipment operators at work sites around the Chicago area to gather their opinions about construction equipment brands.

How Do the  Brands Compare?
Caterpillar and John Deere are the dominant brands. While competitors have multiplied and [...]

The Untold Health Care Reform Narrative: Blame Pharma

Merriam Associates Insight On-the-Street went out to discover what people think about the debate on health care reform.  We wanted to see if there is a consensus among regular people who are not taking active part in the debate.

What we heard is rather different from what is reported on the news.  Away from the fun-house [...]

FDA vs. Cheerios: Blurred Line Between Food and Pharma

The FDA has fired a warning shot at one of Americas most beloved brands. They accuse the makers of Cheerios of selling the cereal as a drug to prevent and treat high cholesterol—a charge with a potentially huge impact on Cheerios sales and reputation. We talked to Cheerios eaters to find out why they ate [...]