China Censors 60K Websites; 350 Million Pages Including This One

ZD Net is reporting today that China has censored some 60 thousand Websites (really thought it would be more) and over 350 million pages and is “proud of it”. is honored to be one of them.

The head of the State Council Information Office, Wang Chen says there is no stopping its campaign against offensive [...]

Toy Recalls--Brand Impact Three Years Later

Three years ago, Christmas shoppers were rocked by recalls of some of kids’ most beloved toys from most trusted brands. We talked to consumers back then, but wondered, What is the long-term impact of those recalls on consumer opinion, brands, and “made in China?” Merriam Associates went out Christmas Eve to put that question to [...]

Made in China: Hazardous to Your Brand

Antifreeze in toothpaste, poisoned pet food, lead in millions of Fisher-Price toys, and now melamine in babys’ milk–the list of potentially harmful products from China is growing. And that means certain harm to some of America’s leading brands.

The Fisher-Price recall is expected to cost many millions in administration alone. That is only the tip of [...]

Recall: Toys Made in China China Toy Recall Mattel

With toy recalls filling the news, what do shoppers think? How is lead in popular brands affecting the decisions shoppers are making? We interview toy buyers at the Times Square Toys R Us on 12/1/07.

In China “The Brand” is Everything

If there is one thing that Western apparel companies should know about China, it is this: Brand sells.

Creating Iconic Brands in China

Lisa Merriam, New York brand strategy expert advises top Chinese marketers on how to efficiently create global brands

Originally published in the Beijing Business Herald, October 21, 2006

Branding may still be a relatively new concept in China, but the nation can be expected to reach a high level of sophistication in a relatively short period of [...]

China: Brands and Globalization

Lisa Merriam addresses questions about the benefits of globalization, problems multinational companies experience as they enter developing countries, the growth of the anti-globalization movement and the nationality of brands.

China: The Formidable Market For Sporting Goods

The opportunity for marketing sporting goods in China is formidable—in both senses of the word. Yes, the market is awesome in size, but it is also intimidating in its challenges. Companies that bring American attitudes towards sports marketing and branding to China will resoundingly fail.