Tavern on the Green a $1.3 Million Brand Name?

Reuters reported yesterday that investors have offered Tavern on the Green bankruptcy trustees $1.3 million to buy the shuttered restaurant’s name. The investors want to market food items such as salad dressing under the brand.

Though the food at Tavern on the Green was at best mediocre, the high menu prices, unique location and building, and [...]

Kraft Crack Up -- Breaking Up the CPG Behemouth

Just 18 months after getting it all together, consumer packaged goods giant Kraft announced today that it is breaking up. It turns out that Kraft executives have discovered the grocery business has different needs that the snacks business. In a conference call with the Kraft CEO, one participant called the break up “rearranging the furniture.” [...]

Branded Top Level Domain Names: Help or Hindrance?

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has voted to allow an unlimited number of new Top Level Domains. That means companies won’t be limited to just .com, but can go for.mcdonalds and .starbucks. On the face of it, the decision looks good for brands. But think again. The result could just be more [...]

Consumr: A Yelp For Consumer Goods—No Help

Advertising Age reports the launch today of Consumr, a new social media ratings site. It’s meant to be Yelp-meets-Foursquare to rate consumer packaged goods like Cheerios and Tide. This is a service without a need.

Consumr is working with publisher Rodale to import Yelp-style product reviews for some 50,000 products you can find on grocery store, [...]

This Little Piggy Taught Me a Thing or Two About Store Brand Beer

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking to Christopher Ibsen, Chief Marketing Officer of the Piggly Wiggly grocery chain. I was on the receiving end of his charming rebuttal of my comment about Pig Swig (Piggly Wiggly’s private label beer) being one of the growing ranks cheap beers fighting to be the lowest price [...]

Disney Trademarks SEAL Team 6, But Not DEVGRU or Delta Force

Are the SEALs the best? They sure have the best brand–especially after the bin Laden raid.

Disney is just the latest company to try to trademark a SEAL brand, reserving “SEAL Team 6,” for entertainment uses, toys (including snow globes!) and clothing.

The other Tier One counter-terrorism unit, Delta Force, has not attained the same [...]

Merriam Associates in Success Magazine: Investing in Your Brand

The March 2011 issue of Success magazine features the article “Spend Your Way to Prosperity,” with recommendations for the best initial investments entrepreneurs should make. The article (you can preview here) includes a quote from Merriam Associates on spending money upfront to protect your brand with a trademark and by owning your brand in the [...]

Beer is Brand Driven--Can Generics Brew Up Sales?

Anyone watching a minute or two of the Super Bowl knows how important brands are in the beer category. Yet some retailers are trying the generic angle again.

In the 1970′s retailers tried plain white cans emblazoned with the word “BEER”. Thirty years later, they are taking a slightly more sophisticated approach. Last year, 7-Eleven  launched [...]

Sarah Palin a Registered Trademark?

We’ve covered political brands and the subject of brands who are people or with value closely tied to a real person, but today, the web site Mediaite has broken the story of the trademarking of the name Sarah Palin. Pretty soon, that “R” next to her name won’t mean “Republican,” but “Registered Trademark.”

It’s not unusual [...]

AEG, Farmers Insurance Buys Corporate Naming Rights for Non-Existent Stadium

Sports Business Daily reports that Los Angeles has got a corporate name for a stadium that hasn’t been built (it doesn’t even have permits or an architect) and has no NFL team. AEG, owner of Farmers Insurance, just paid $600 million for a 30 year lease on naming this non-existent thing.  Farmers Field is being [...]